Bayern exec mocks Barcelona's intention to sign Lewandowski


Robert Lewandowski may be pushing hard to see the end of his contract with Bayern, but it seems that the German club is not interested in negotiating with any club, especially with Barcelona.

In an interview with German TV channels NTV and RTL, honorary president Uli Hoeness discussed the team's intentions to part ways with Lewandowski, but while doing so, he made fun of Barcelona's attempts to lure the footballer away to Camp Nou mainly due to their financial situation.

"They are supposedly interested in signing Lewandowski, but last year they owed over €1B. They must be artists or something because in Germany they would have been forced to declare their bankruptcy," Hoeness stated.

The former player went even further and revealed that Bayern's intention to keep Lewandowski around have not changed and will remain like that until a suitable replacement for the striker is found.

"I know no one at Bayern who is willing to let Robert leave before the end of his deal. It tells me that the team's board is yet to find a substitute. Hence, our position on this matter is pretty clear.

Hoeness went on about how things have gone down between the club and the player, and if things go as planned by Bayern, he feels confident to see both parties reaching an agreement to extend Lewandowski's stay at Allianz Arena beyond next season.

"If he stays, plays well and still feels good in Germany, it's possible that one day he could say "I like it a lot here, I want to stay two or three years here. The more than likely scenario of not letting him leave does not mean he won't play for us in the 2023-24 season. Both parties will have one more year to think things over," Hoeness concluded.

Reports close to the club reveal that Barcelona have already offered Bayern €32M (around $34M) for the player's services, although that bid is close to being rejected by the Bavarian side.

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